Spacelite Recovers

Modern Spacelite Recovers are meant to last. Traditionally recovers are done using staples to hold the material onto the frame, and then sewn. The staples will inevitably fall out, and quickly require the need for a recover. Modern recovers use glue to ensure the material will stay on the frame, and then sewn for additional security. We can also custom build the actual frames according to your desired radius.

Modern Grip Carts

Modern’s got you covered when it comes to cost effective yet sturdy Grip Carts. The Small Grip Cart is perfect for transporting Gels, Spray Cans, and other small Grip Expendables to and from set. It conveniently fits through doors and easily loads on and off a truck.





The Large Grip Cart is your go to cart for transporting all of your grip equipment such as Speed Rail Fittings, Clamps, etc.



Both carts feature large wooden drawers and swivel wheels for easy steering. There’s also a locking mechanism to make sure the drawers stay safely shut.



Priced at $760 list for the Small Grip Cart and $1,100 list for the Large Grip Cart, both carts are an excellent addition to your Grip Gear.



Speed Clips

Speed Clips are now available in more sizes and greater quantities than ever at Modern Studio Equipment! Available in 1-1/2″ and 1-1/4″ sizes in White, Green and Black colors. The Speed Clip allows you to quickly secure a backdrop or overhead rag to pipe without much effort. Simply place the desired fabric against the pipe and snap on the speed clip! Buy the Speed Clip at $6 list for 1-1/2″ pipe or $5 list for 1-1/4″ pipe.

1-1/2″ Speed Clips now available in Green & White colors as well
An example of the 1-1/4″ Green Speed Clip being used to hold up a 6′ X 6′ Chromakey Green Screen

IMG_0055 IMG_0054





Modern Rag Department

We’ve updated our rags to include an industry standard black on black rag bag, which has a tie cord, is made of water resistant material, and has a label window on the tie cord. Modern has the biggest assortment of rags ranging from 4′ x 4′ to 40′ x 40′ sizes. Custom tags are available for all sewing items at no additional charge, but tags must be provided or purchased through Modern.

Tie cord is conveniently stitched into the bag to keep it in place
All rags now come with ties


Happy New Year!

We are hard at work on our new catalog, and we want to feature your amazing creations.

Simply email photos of your Modern creations to and be sure to include your full name and the show you were on! You can also tag @ModernStudioEquipment on Instagram or #ModernStudioEquipment and we will find your photo there! Feel free to send as many photos as you have. We’re going to make our selections by the end of February and we will let you know if we are going to feature you in the catalog by then.


unnamedWe’ve also refreshed the logo a bit. If you look around, you’ll notice a tribute to the past logo with the shaded equipment often accompanying the wordmark.


Remember to email your orders to

Spider Hi-Hat w/ Mitchell Plate

The innovative Spider Hi-Hat with Mitchell Plate allows the operator to achieve low angle shots on uneven surfaces by independently adjusting either of it’s three legs. Because of the independent legs you can easily add a tilt to your low angle shots as well. The included Modern Mitchel Plate can be used to attach various Fluid Heads to the hi-hat. At $1,125 list, the Spider Hi-Hat is a convenient accessory for getting creative low angle shots.

photo 2
Easily add a tilt to your low angle shot by adjusting the three legs accordingly
photo 1
The Spider Hi-Hat comes with a Mitchell Plate to easily adapt any Fluid Head


Pipe Spinning Gag 5/8″

This rig is often referred to as a “Mirror Rig,” which allows the user to mount up to six mirrors onto a stand to achieve various mirror lighting effects. The mirrors attach to Modern’s Mini Swivel Foam Core Holder, which attaches to Grip Heads mounted on any length of 5/8″ Pipe, which is then locked into the Pipe Spinning Gag. The whole rig can be rotated to produce a mirror lighting effect such as replicating Police Car Lights or simulating street lights shining into a camera car.

photo 2 (1)
Mounts up to six 5/8″ lengths of pipe
photo 3 (1)
Mini Swivel Foam Core Holder, Grip Head, and 5/8″ Pipe sold separately.


Over And Under Track Dolly

This unique dolly allows you to mount your camera over the track or even under it depending on your specific needs. The biggest advantage of having this dolly is that the camera carriage is completely locked in, allowing you to mount virtually any heavy duty camera system such as 3D cameras for example. The Over And Under Track comes in 10′ sections and can be linked together or hooked into High Rollers using two of Modern’s Pipe Truss Adapters with Ears. Even a Mitchell based camera system can be attached using added accessories. Priced at $1600 list, the Over And Under Track Dolly is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and durable pieces of equipment you’ll own.

photo 4
Allen Screws tighten the dolly onto the track

photo 2