#ModernMondays Junior Grip Heads

Happy Monday! Today we’ve got Modern’s 4.5″ Junior Grip head selling for $35. That’s more than 50% off of the list price. Remember to order ASAP, as our #ModernMonday deals typically sell out in 3 hours or less! To order, email Orders@ModernStudio.com with your account information. Once we have your order ready, we’ll call you for your payment information.

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The Revolutionary Modern Slider

The Modern Mitchell Camera Slider will help capture your vision, every time.

For more information, visit our Modern Slider page.

For a limited time, we’re offering a trade-in program giving you $1000 toward the purchase of a modern slider. Just return your first or second generation Modern Slider for a $1000 deduction in the final price of your new Modern Slider. One per slider. Cannot be combined with other offers or products.

To order one today, email Orders@ModernStudio.com or call 818-764-8574

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#ModernMondays #NerdClamp #StepLadders

Today we bring you Dwight Stone’s Nerd Clamp for our #ModernMonday deal! We’re making it a #DoubleDeal today offering Sunset Ladder double sided step ladders for 30% off at the same time!



The Nerd Clamp is one of those tools that every grip should have in their kit! It enables the easy attachment of a wooden hi-hat to a double sided step ladder. It takes less than 30 seconds to attach and is much faster and more efficient for positioning the hi hat than C-Clamps.

Today we’re selling these for $35.00!

Nerd Clamp: 021-3945 – List Price $85.00

We’re also selling Sunset Ladder step ladders today at 30% off of list price!


4 Step – 080-0000 – Sale Price $119
6 Step – 080-0005 – Sale Price $150
8 Step – 080-0010 – Sale Price $203
10 Step – 080-0015 – Sale Price $280
12 Step – 080-0020 – Sale Price $315

Dial +1-818-764-8574 or email Orders@ModernStudio.com to purchase them!

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#ModernMondays @ 9am!

Sign up to see what awesome deal we’re having this coming Monday! Check our site at 9am for more details!

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#ModernMondays Mini Apple Boxes!

Today we bring you Mini Apple Boxes for $15 each with a list price for $35 each. That’s over 50% savings!

Full# 063-1120
Half# 063-1125
Quarter# 063-1130
Pancake# 063-1135

Our apple boxes are CNC cut to perfection out of plywood. We glue and staple all joints to ensure no splitting. Radiused corners and edges reduce cracking and splintering.

All apple boxes are unfinished, natural wood color.

Get them before we run out! Last week’s #ModernMondays ran out in less than 3 hours! Call +1-818-764-8574 or email Orders@ModernStudio.com to order them today!

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#ModernMondays – July 6, 2015 – Small PoleCat

Today, we’re selling our Modern Telescoping PoleCat or AutoPole (Item # 016-4041) until Midnight, or until they run out!

Polecats are great for hanging backdrops and creating impromptu wall spreaders. The Polecat features aluminum construction and a collapsed length of 39″ with a fully extended length of 66 inches. A positive-locking system and rubber end caps ensure a solid grip.

You can have one of these bad boys for only $39.00, saving a whopping $81.00! Standard shipping and sales tax will apply. Please email your sales person or Orders@ModernStudio.com by midnight to get one at the close-out price!

Dial us at +1-818-764-8574 from 8:30am to 5pm PDT.


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#ModernMondays Coming July 6th

Next Monday starts our #ModernMondays push to sell you overstocked product at a close out price! We’ll run each campaign until midnight on each Monday.

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