Spacelite Recovers

Modern Spacelite Recovers are meant to last. Traditionally recovers are done using staples to hold the material onto the frame, and then sewn. The staples will inevitably fall out, and quickly require the need for a recover. Modern recovers use glue to ensure the material will stay on the frame, and then sewn for additional security. We can also custom build the actual frames according to your desired radius.


Modern Grip Carts

Modern’s got you covered when it comes to cost effective yet sturdy Grip Carts. The Small Grip Cart is perfect for transporting Gels, Spray Cans, and other small Grip Expendables to and from set. It conveniently fits through doors and easily loads on and off a truck.





The Large Grip Cart is your go to cart for transporting all of your grip equipment such as Speed Rail Fittings, Clamps, etc.



Both carts feature large wooden drawers and swivel wheels for easy steering. There’s also a locking mechanism to make sure the drawers stay safely shut.



Priced at $760 list for the Small Grip Cart and $1,100 list for the Large Grip Cart, both carts are an excellent addition to your Grip Gear.