Wag Flags

  • Military grade 304 stainless steel frames
  • All frames include a ⅜” welded mounting pin for grip heads
  • Frames can be used in conjunction with any industry standard grip head
  • Perfect for confined spaces, homes, and areas where it is difficult to build a complete overhead frame
  • Quick build and the ability to unravel the amount of material needed to cover the space
    (i.e. user is not forced to build a full 8’ x 8’ frame for a smaller area)
  • Used as a quick teaser or cutter
  • Sewn materials include Black Ripstop, Silent Full Grid, Silent ½ Grid, Silent ¼ Grid, Ultrabounce, ½ Soft Frost, Hilight, Full Soft Frost, Commando Cloth, Bleached Muslin, Unbleached Muslin, Magic Cloth, Chromakey Green, Digital Green,
    Chromakey Blue and Digital Blue
  • Sewn materials are made to velcro on to wag flag frames (competitors sew material onto frame)
  • All sewn materials include a pipe pocket