About Us

Modern Studio Equipment opened its doors in 1980 in North Hollywood, California. Rina and Seno Moussally founded Modern with the intent to provide the grip and rigging industry with higher quality grip and rigging gear and the ability to create products that did not yet exist. For 35 years, Seno worked closely with the grips; creating, improving and customizing studio equipment to allow its clients the ability to provide camera and lighting support on any set or location to execute any shot imaginable. While Seno grew Modern into the industry leader that it is today, his impact on the world of grip and rigging, was second to none and his efforts have improved the industry forever.

On November 3, 2014, Vikki and Jeremy Leach purchased Modern Studio Equipment, excited and honored to have the opportunity to keep the family owned and operated company thriving, by upholding the superior quality of it’s products and maintaining the exceptional service that Modern is known for. The Leaches credit the fact that the Moussally family is still well represented within Modern’s operation as to why Modern hasn’t skipped a beat in regard to it’s service and customer satisfaction. Jiro, Seno’s son, stands as Modern’s Chief Operating Officer and his sister Anoush is Modern’s Senior Account Executive.

The only possible room for improvement available at the time of the shift in ownership was the opportunity to increase the product inventory and reduce lead times. Although this task has already been greatly improved, Modern continues to add state of the art equipment and machinery in order to better supply product to the growing demand. Modern continues to manufacture its over 2,000 products in the US. It’s 20,000 square foot machine shop and 5,000 square foot technical fabrics and sewing department.